Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ah, tis spring. AT LAST! We had sleet last Sunday and it has been so cold and miserable. I am ready for spring. Hopefully it will be a nice one so we can get prepared for the hot summer ahead.

We have been busy getting things ready for the next prim shipment. We should start shipping by the beginning of next week. I love this piece- Pat stitched it and I was drooling over it the whole time! We even dyed a special color of linen for this one- Prim Yellow. Here is a sneak peak.

If you wish to order extra things to ship with your prim just send me an email or call the shop. I am happy to include whatever you need(want!)

We got some amazing entries for the prim tag contest. Truly, I was blown away by all of the creativity. I am doing one big prize and two smaller ones but you all get a round of applause for your efforts! The big prize winner is Faye Riggsbee. Faye- you never fail to amaze me with your talents. The two others that will receive prizes are Rita Ogden and Dede Caplinger. I will send the prizes in the next prim shipment. Congratulations ladies!

We are getting things started for the retreat in the fall too. We have a few spots left- not many. If you are thinking about it please send in your registration so you aren't disappointed. Don't forget final payments are due May 1st.

Here are some new things we have stitched for the shop. The first is the Valetine set from With thy Needle and Thread- so sweet. The second photo is the new hearts from By the Bay. These are so clever. Love them.

I picked Ann Wood as the sampler this week. She went to the Nine Partners School in New York and you don't see many of these. Ann put the rules to mark napkins on her sampler and also a ligature. See the letter that looks like an f all in a row? That is a ligature. It was a Quaker code that meant Quakers could speak openly in that household. Remember for a long time Quakers were religously pursecuted. I love this piece. She is one of my favorite samplers.

If you have been by the shop in the last two weeks then you have probably met Abigail. Yes- we broke down and got another dog. She is a nine week old Westie puppy. Isn't she adorable? Three pounds of pure attitude. Would we have anything less?

Lots of new things to show in next weeks blog. Have tons coming in from the framer and finisher!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend.


  1. Oh wow! Can't believe I won something! Thanks so much for the contest. I really enjoyed the stitching and it pushed me to think outside the box. I hope you show some of the other finishes. Always good to get others ideas for inspiration.
    Looking forward to the next project (and my prize!).
    Thanks again!

  2. Good grief I love those little hearts! And of course, Miss A. - Abigail or Attitude!

  3. I can't wait to meet sweet Abigail! And how I love that Quaker! I had no idea about the ligature.. So interesting.


  4. That information about the ligature is new to me too. Every day - something new. I may have to add that sampler to my ever-growing list of must-haves! Irene xxx

  5. Oh wow!!!! I won! Thank you so much!! Cant wait to get the next prim, the peak looks beautiful. Ok, my needy list is growing. There is some gotta haves you posted!!!

  6. Love, love, love little miss Abigail!!!!!! She's so sweet :-). And I can't wait for the new Prim Society piece!!!!!

  7. Oh my!!!! I'm thrilled to win!!! It was so much fun creating and I thank you fir the challenge!!!! I will post a photo on my blog!!!! Thanks so so much!!!! Faye

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  9. Your Abigail is PRECIOUS!!!! So glad you have someone to help fill the void.....never replace, but help. Only animal lovers understand!!