Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wow- it's HOT! According to the weather channel last week and this week are the hottest weeks of the year. Yes I can attest to that. We came home Saturday night to no air conditioning. It was 85 in the house. We managed to get someone to come and repair it on Sunday ( don't ask what that cost) and it took almost 24 hours for the house to cool to a normal range because of the heat outside. It was a miserable two days for us and the three dogs even with fans. I admit we are spoiled and frankly I do not want to live without air conditioning ever again.

We have some new models in the shop. I finally finished the Numero Uno from Jeannette Douglas. This is such a cool piece and really fun to stitch. It is done mostly with Gentle Art wool. It is very industrial and yet Pottery Barn looking to me. What do you think?

We also had Jeannette's new Christmas piece stitched for the shop. It comes with two color ways but we chose the light one. Isn't this stunning?  Wendy did a fabulous job on this one.
Several of you have asked to see the changes we made to the Stacy Nash Spring at Hollyberry farm. We took out the big cat and added a flock of sheep. This just suited us more. Hope you like it. Pat is over half done with the Summer at Hollyberry farm but she is busy stitching models for the summer show in St. Charles, so it will be a little bit before she can finish.

We have received so many fun things at the shop in the last few weeks. The new sampler from Plum Street- Promised Lamb is really wonderful. Paulette has such a special flair! We also have all the new With thy Needle and Thread,( new Liberty House pictured) the Loose Feathers and the Halloween magazine from JCS. More Clipboards are expected any day. Let me know if you want one as we are selling them like hotcakes.

The winner for the Ladies Prim Society is Linda Crowe. Linda please contact me about what intial you would like stitched for your fob. Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. It seems to be a very popular club and we are so appreciative of your commitment. Just a note- we give the designers guidelines in pricing and they come up with the kits as far as colors and fabric choices. If the fabric is not your choice you can always change it. We are trying to keep the pricing reasonable thus the choices that have been made.

OK- have you seen the new sampler from Threadwork Primitives? Nan designed this for me and I am so thrilled. I have never been honored like this before.   Nan you are the best!

We will have those in the shop this week along with her new bee needle roll to complete her Bee trilogy.  Let me know if you want any of these sent out.

This Saturday- July 27th is our annual summer frame sale. If you have things ready to frame for Christmas or just projects completed that you would like to have framed- come see us. We will be here from 11am to 5 pm.

The sampler I selected to show this week is one of our boys. George Eisenbrey. He is from the Smithsonian. George was a bad boy and was made to go to a girls school and do a sampler. He was actually a pretty good stitcher. We know that George was a bad boy because his sister kindly left a note with the sampler. Wouldn't you love to know what he did to get in such trouble?

If you are interested in our retreat we have had several openings come up in the last two weeks. Some folks had to cancel for various reasons so if you have been wanting to come we would love to have you. Its going to be such fun!