Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day- we are leaving for Nashville. This is the 18th year we have done this trade show. The weather is always a challenge but once we get there we forget all about how hard it was to actually get everything done before we arrived. Pat and I are among a small group of designers/wholesalers who also have a retail store. So, we not only go with goods to sell at this show but we must also buy all of those exciting goodies for our shop! It is a challenge to be sure but we have our friends Norma and Sybil with us to help. They help set up, run for food, pick up orders, scout out rooms we might not have time to get to and in general make the show much easier for us. We are blessed!

Some new things have begun arriving in the shop already- we have received the new snowman kits from Shepherds Bush, the new charts from JBW, Prairie Schooler and Plum Street. Wow- if that is an inkling of what is to come I am super excited. Pat already has the new pincushion from Shepherds Bush done and is ready to begin Nantucket Girls from Plum Street.

We know the Blackbird things will be wonderful- as always. The new Spring at Hollyberry Farm from Stacy Nash looks so fabulous. Can't wait to see all of Stacys new things. There will be so many fun and exciting things to pick from. It's like Christmas!

Don't forget our Nashville Night is Wednesday, March 6th from 6-8 p.m. Come get a first look at all the treasures we found for you!

The next Big Project Sunday is March 24. Call the shop if you plan to attend so we can have enough seating set up for everyone. I can't wait to see the progress everyone has made.

Sign ups for the retreat are going great. We are planning a teachers meeting in Nashville. Trying to get all those details ironed out!

I know lots of you are having horrible snowy weather. We have had snow twice here but no significant amounts. The dogs love to play in the snow but they are not crazy about the cold. Here they are begging for someone to let them in! My stitching chair is right by this door and they can see me so they press their noses against the door- Please we need service at the back door!
 I hope to take a bunch of pictures at the market. We have to have permission from any vendor but most of our Buddies are near us so maybe they will allow a few snap shots.

Have a fun week- I know we will!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I can't believe Valentines Day is this week. I love hearts and would love to have those decorations up all the time. I took this picture of a basket of hearts that I have. Some of the hearts are quilted, some are pinkeeps, some are fobs and some are pincushions. I add a little to the collection each year. You can never have too many hearts!

Hopefully everyone has received their prim club- and are busy working on their tags. Pat stitched ours ( sorry- I am just too slow) and we have them finished for you to see. Maybe they will inspire you. I love the way these turned out and am anxious to see what all of you come up with.

The registrations for the retreat are coming in fast and furious. I will be sending out a confirmation letter before the end of the month. We leave for market on the 27th so they must go before that. I will send all the hotel and airport information and give you a few ideas of whats in store for October! It's great to see so many new names on our list. Can't wait to put faces with names!

Here is the next sampler- Mercy Chandler. I know she is not small and certainly not primitive. I am featuring her this time because this is Pats great, great grandmothers sampler and last week was Pats jubilee birthday. I told her she could select the sampler for the blog. This is a fabulous piece with about 20 different stitches including a row of alphabets in queen stitch. This sampler comes from the Boston area .

Market is coming up so fast. We have seen sneak peaks from Threadwork Primitives, Blackbird designs and Cricket. Everything is fabulous and I can't wait to get to Nashville. I know it sounds like just one big party to all of you but it really is hard work. I think the worst part is the preparation and the packing and unpacking of the van. I hate that part. Once we are there- we visit with friends, shop owners and in general have a great time. We need to get some sleep this year- no staying up half the night talking and laughing. Yeah- like that's going to happen. hahahahahahahaha

This is the little bag I mentioned last time. Isn't it dear? It is all hand made with very old beads and a crocheted top. This is from around 1908. It's called a betrothal bag. My grandfather gave my grandmother her engagement ring inside it. We found a very sweet love note from him inside when we were cleaning out the house. The tiny photo is my parents on the day they became engaged.

Happy Valentines day!