Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry, merry Christmas!  I have been hoping to post for the last two weeks. Where is the time going? Pat and I have both been down with the flu since Thanksgiving but I think we are finally feeling 100%.  It's really hard to be sick when there is so much to do.....

First, I wanted to share this darling piece from Plum Street and the fabulous finish.  Isn't this just the coolest?

I also wanted you to see Mary's Sampler- also from Plum Street.  Pat finished this as soon as it was out and we sent it to the finisher and told her to do something fun.  Isn't this so great?  If you haven't finished yours yet maybe this will inspire you.

Last night we had our annual Christmas party with our Thursday night group.  Lots of yummy food and we had an ornament exchange.  It was so much fun.  Here is a shot of all the cool ornaments we did.  Every year it is more and more fun.  It's great to see what ornament everyone chooses to stitch and what fun finish they will do.  Great job ladies!

Our clubs are filling up!  There are still spots available so don't panic.  You have time to register.  Here is a shot of all the offerings for 2013 for the Ladies Prim Society.  Now if these don't tempt you nothing will.  LOL

We are hoping to start shipping the first Colonial Gatherings offering January 15th.  Again- we are not full- YET.  Please understand that between the two clubs we have 100's of applicants.  I can not call each of you to tell you we received your paperwork.  You can call here and we are happy to check for you.  Thanks for understanding.

We wish all of you an absolutely fabulous Christmas and holiday season.