Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What a great birthday celebration we had! So many people, so much fun! Many thanks to Nan Lewis for coming to share the weekend with us. People were lined up to meet and talk with her. The goodies were goobled up- especially the whoopie pies. We had over 50 models for sale and there's not many left. Thanks to all of you who came to help us celebrate.

Our time with Nan and her husband Bill was a blast. I am not sure we ever stopped talking. Nan's friend Ivonne and her husband Kevin, from the Crackling Crows, also made a trip to see us and what a pleasure they were. We took everyone to our favorite restaurant- Primos for a fabulous Italian meal to top the weekend off. Thanks, Nan for everything!

We received all the new With thy Needle and Thread charts last week along with the new Drawn Threads. Ugh- now what to stitch first. Oh- I think I will just start two or three and see where the spirit moves me...... Pat just finished  Be Thankful from Little House and it is framed and up in the shop. She is zooming through Santas Night from Prairie Schooler on black and has a basketful of Christmas projects that will probably get done before Thanksgiving.

Starting Friday we will be closing the shop for a week so we can move down the street. This is a major undertaking and we are so grateful for all the folks who are helping and have offered to help. We are excited to change things up a bit and redo some things - what a way to energize everyone.  Hope you will come by and see how it turns out beginning Saturday, November 24th which just happens to be Small Business Saturday! Perfect!

Today is Veterans Day- I am so grateful to all who serve and have served especially my grandfathers, my dad, brother, uncle, husband,  my business partner Pat, and many, many friends.. Thank you so much for your service.

Can you believe its almost Thanksgiving? This is my favorite holiday. Somehow it seems to get lost in the shuffle sometimes which makes me sad. Its such a great day- a time to give thanks for all we have, the people we love and the many blessings in our lives. When we found out we were moving the shop that week I stated that I guess I wouldn't have time to cook and that was loudly vetoed. So I am cooking for family and friends.  That's okay- its my pleasure.......

We are still accepting framing and finishing for Christmas. You still have time to complete that last minute project and get it in here. We have had multitudes of ornaments come in these past few weeks and I suspect the stockings will be flying in here next.

I hope to show pictures of the before and after at the new shop. Its always fun to see the transformation! The new shop is painted and has brand new carpet- they are waiting on us to start packing and moving things on Friday. It should be exciting..............

I hope each of you has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be with family and friends? I can't wait....................

Ann and Nan Lewis, Threadwork PrimitivesNan Lewis, of Threadwork Primitives, signing a chart

Display of Threadwork Primitive models

More Threadwork Primitive models on display

Everyone is busy working

One happy customer chatting with Nan Lewis, Threadwork Primitives

Ivonne of The Crackling Crow and Nan Lewis of Threadowk Primitives

Snacks!Look at those yummy Whoopie Pies that Ann made!

Shop models on sale

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  1. Ann, Loved every minute of it :) I feel like I've gained another family. Thanks so much for having me.
    Best wishes for a smooth move to the new shop and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    Hugs, ~Nan