Sunday, August 31, 2014

School starts next week.....where did the summer go? It's been such a busy grandson graduated from high school in May, my oldest daughter got married in July, and we have had so many friends and special visitors at the's been a whirlwind. I know I haven't blogged much but you can keep current with Dyeing to Stitch on our Facebook page.

Pat and I went to market in St.Charles in mid August. It was a long,long drive....but worth it. We saw all of our friends,laughed, talked late into the night and in general had a great time.I got to spend some quality time with my dear friend Mona, which is a rare treat.....We shopped our heads off and brought back many wonderful stitching treats for everyone. We still have lots to choose from so if you think you missed something give us a call and I will send it out ASAP.....

They say change is good....if that's the case, then we are Fabulous! We have three new finishers for the shop....they each do extraordinary things and bring our projects to life....check out all the pictures on Facebook. We also have a new framer....Patti is trying to retire so, we are thrilled to recommend Sheri at Total Framing in northern Virginia. She's quick, fast and fabulous....who could ask for anything more?

We have closed membership in all of our clubs for this year but will be accepting new members for 2015 in December. Our Colonial Gatherings will continue with Paulette of Plum Street Samplers and Tanya of Scarlet House next year. We have great surprises in store for the Ladies Prim Society....we're changing things up and I think you will be thrilled! We will also be adding a new club next year with one of the industries top designers.....this is so exciting....I will post all the information soon......


  1. Glad to hear Paulette & Tanya will be back, Can't wait to hear more about the other clubs for next year I have so enjoyed taking part in them!

  2. Woohoo can't wait!!!!!!! Congrats to your DD on her marriage and your grandson graduating, that's awesome :-). It was so nice to see you are market!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh boy - a new club starting next year?! Excited to find out more about that.

  4. Look forward to learning all about it!