Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't you love looking at all the market stuff? Gives you a small inkling of how hard it is to pick and choose at market. Everything looks so fabulous.........its a tough job. We had a blast this year. We took our two friends Norma and Sybil to help in the room and we also took Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives. For the first time in twenty years we took people in the car with us and shipped the fabrics ahead. We had such a fun time despite the horrible weather. So many laughs, so much talking, stitching, and shopping. Could anything be better than that?

If you follow us on Facebook under Dyeing to Stitch or R and R then you probably saw how full our car was on the return trip home. It was a challenge packing it all in there but Pat is an amazing packer!

We are still shipping club kits. Don't despair. The supplies for everything should be here this week and we plan on finishing up everyone that is currently enrolled this week. Our big winner for the Prim club drawing was Dianne Clemons. Here is what she won........Congratulations Dianne. We plan on doing some more surprise drawings this year!

Some of my favorite things from market were: the incredible linen sling bags from JBW. I literally swooned when I saw them. I already have planned what to stitch on the pocket. They would be a great gift for a stitching friend too!
I also loved the new book from Needlework Press done all in blues. This is such a great book- Vickie has such a talent with words. Love it. Plum Street had the most incredible room- everything she had was wonderful- had to have them all for myself. Her sampler for Pat was so adorable......we have her model hanging in the shop so don't miss it if you come to visit. The Blackbird kits were amazing. Pat stitched the models so we had seen them but when they are finished up they were truly incredible. Barb and Alma never disappoint- we sure had fun making up the kits with them until midnight one night! Another favorite find was stitchers lotion from Thread Gatherer. We sold out immediately but have more on order. If you haven't tried this- you need to! There were so many wonderful things there, its hard to pick and choose the favorites. Makes you realize what a talented group we work with each and every day. How lucky are we?

The next club that will ship will be the Colonial Gatherings towards the end of March. Tanya has outdone herself with this offering. You will all be thrilled! Then in early April we will start shipping the Prim Club. Blackbird has just sent us a peak and its to die for! Wow- I love these clubs. So much fun and I love the surprise of it all. We are busy cooking up extra surprises for all club members this year!

Pat and I will be away mid March. We are going to do our sampler lecture for Stitches and Things in Michigan. Sure hope the weather improves before then! We haven't done this lecture in a while so it should be fun!

Currently we have scrap bags available again. Each bag contains 10 pieces of linen of various counts and colors. Each piece is usually at least 9 x 9. Bags sell for $ 10.00. Let us know if you want some as they go fast......


  1. Your blog is always so much fun - and thank you so much for the sweet, sweet compliments! I had such a fun time with you girls, and can't wait to do it again! Sure wish I could be at one of your lectures. Have a great time, and safe travels!

  2. sounds like you had a blast at my ladies prim kit! sure wish i lived closer.

  3. Hoping to someday be able to visit the shop and hear you lecture. Until then, I'm so happy with my club pieces. Each one is so unique and beautiful! Thanks, Ann.

  4. Do you have any of the linen bags left. If yes, I would like one

    1. They are ordered. Sold out of the first batch. Just let me know and I will save you one.

  5. We did have so much fun and yes, lots and lots of laughs, chatting and shopping. Not much stitching for me, but then Pat did enough for all of us....LOL. Thanks for letting me tag along:)