Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow- has it really been three weeks since the retreat?  I am still tired! I  think everyone had a really good time and we have received so many lovely notes and a few gifts ( teachers pets). Here is a box that the lovely ladies from Cape May made for me- Pat received one also.  We were so touched by their kindness- thanks so much Jean, Donna, Sandy and Elena!

People are already asking about the next one- Pat says we aren't doing anymore but we will!  I am already looking at a new hotel for 2015 and we have already asked several teachers to come back!

This was the make it and take it project which started the retreat off.  A simple little pincushion.

I am going to do an entire blog post with pictures of the Evening with Friends. It was a tiny book in which all the teachers contributed a chart. You can pick and choose the ones you want in your book that are appropriate to your life.  Sharon of the Purple Thread put it together.  I know there were a lot of finishing directions so she is going to do a video for the blog so you can watch it as often as you need to for finishing purposes.

I have seen a million pictures on other blogs of the banquet. Here are a few pictures that I loved.

We wanted a really special prize for the best costume.  Pat and I donated fabric once a month for a year to the winner.  Everyone really looked great and it was hard to choose a winner. Maxine as Barefoot and Pregnant was over the top!  Congratulations!

Wanted to show this Halloween offering from Liberty Hill.  It's an older one but we have two left if anyone is interested.  Carolyn does such a terrific job on everything she does!
After the retreat we went to DC for three days with Paulette Stewart, Jeannette Douglas, Norma and Sybil.  WE managed to see a lot despite the shut down and the torrential rain!

We hope to ship the last prim for 2013 around mid November.  This one is spectacular so stay tuned! Also- to make things easy for everyone we have decided that for the Ladies Prim in 2014- if you belong in 2013 you don't need to renew.  ONLY if you want to stop- then you need to contact us.

We also talked about a new club offering we are going to have in 2014 at the retreat.  This is called Colonial Gatherings with Paulette Stewart of Plum Street and Tanya Brockmeyer of Scarlet House.  It will be set up like the prim society with a kit offering every 8-10 weeks running from $25 - 40.  This will again have a limited number of spaces available.  Hope to have the registration form on the website by November 1st.  We are very excited about this too!

Lots of wonderful and exciting things coming in 2014........Hope you will stay tuned.

Oh and last but not least.......GO RED SOX!!!!!


  1. Love seeing the pictures from your retreat. I am so excited about the new club, Colonial Gatherings!!!!

  2. "The Fun Girls" had a great time at retreat and thank you and Pat and all your wonderful "assistants" for all your hard work!!! Hope to see you all in Park City next year!! ~*