Friday, September 6, 2013

Ah.....the beginning of fall.  My favorite time of year- not only for the weather but the decorations, the food, fall it all!
I had the best of intentions on blogging while at market.  Once we get there and get caught up in the energy and seeing lots of friends- that flies right out the window.  I will offer a few observations even though loads of others have already blogged about the show.
There were many wonderful things at market- one of the best we have attended in years. Here is a peak at some of the linens we took with us..........

We were thrilled to bring models home from Blackbird and Plum street.  If you are coming to visit in the next month or will be at the retreat you will have a chance to ohhh and ahh over these as we did!  Here is the Blackbird display.....Plum Street is in the window but I will try and photograph those next week.

We have the next selection in Every woman's journey that is in the process of shipping. Sharon is always so inventive! We still have openings in this club if you are interested.

I did make a non stitching purchase while in St. Charles. We managed to get to main street the first afternoon- for lunch!  We had some extra time afterwards and decided to check out some of the charming shops.  Ok- first shop and I knew I was in trouble!  Had a pile on the counter in less than 5 minutes.....never good.  They had the most adorable antique baby bed- shoot I thought it was just for display til I poked around and discovered it was for sale.  Now- as adorable as it was it wasn't small.....we drove and the car was full of fabrics and trims which I hoped would be gone going home, but I still had to shop the show and bring back lots of treasures for the shop!  So I passed......of course I could talk of nothing else all weekend. ( I am sure all of our friends were begging Pat to go with me back to the shop to get the bed just so I would shut up about it) We did go back on Sunday and I decided if it was still there it was coming home with me.  Had no idea of how we would fit it in the car, but I really, really wanted that bed. ( I have made crazy purchases before when we have been out of town- huge cement pumpkins, americana flag poles, a huge picket fence! ) We did manage to squeeze the bed in although there was not a breath of room to spare.  Now wasn't this worth all the trouble?   Isn't it precious?  The price was ridiculous too- hard to pass up a bargain!

The next Ladies Prim Society will be shipping in the next two weeks.  Blackbird designed this offering for fall- Bittersweet Autumn- really adorable!  Well worth the wait...... Let me know if you want anything added to your order.  Bags are already piling up!

We are busy as bees getting ready for the retreat. I will be sending out one more letter with final information.  Boxes are piling up at the shop and at the house.  Hope we have room for all these goodies!  This is a lot of work, but also so much fun when it all comes together.  So many people are helping- we couldn't do it without the assistance of many friends....... Can't wait to see the costumes everyone is cooking up for the banquet.

WE should have the next Hollyberry farm piece next week. The fabric is ready and waiting here at the shop. so feel free to call with your orders.

I think I mentioned in the last blog post that we will be continuing with the Ladies Prim Society in 2014.  We will also be announcing another club at the beginning of October.  Very exciting.....stay tuned....

Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather. It's still baseball season, so we are getting lots of stitching done.  Go Red Sox!


  1. I can't wait to see the next in the Ladies Prim Society!

    I am enjoying this cooler weather!

    All the best,


  2. Love the bed I to would have been driven to distraction. I dont think I have ever mentioned but I just love the name of your bolg its perfect in every way

  3. love the baby bed! would love to visit your shop!

  4. The bed is adorable!!! Don't turn your back at the Open would fit easily in my Yukon! Can't wait for Retreat!!!!!!!!!!! ~*

  5. Love the bed!!!!! So sweet and fun, fun, fun market pictures :-).

  6. Hmmmm... That darling bed will definitely fit in Linda's Suburban~~~ watch out at the retreat :-) and, like the others, I cannot wait for the next Ladies Prim Society to release.... I have been so happy with each one I have received!!!!

  7. Your racks of linen make me swoon. I don't think I'd ever leave your suite if I were at Market....LOL
    Love your baby bed. SCORE! Has a real Windsor look to it. That must mean it's worth lots and very old.