Thursday, December 27, 2012

I know everyone must feel such sadness with the situation in Newtown. How sad for all of those families- I know we are all grieving along with them. I love the suggestion of performing 20-26 acts of kindness to honor those taken. I am working on mine already. Love this idea- hope you will consider doing it too.

Pat is finished with the Stacy Nash piece. The colors are just gorgeous- this one is a beauty. I know lots of you must think so too as we are shipping the fabric out as fast as it comes in. We are getting Pats back from the framer tomorrow. I can't wait. Great job Stacy!

The prim club is filling quickly. Nan posted a sneak peak this week so the excitement can build! Feel free to mail your applications in if that's easier for you as we can NOT take the information over the phone- you must sign the application. We are hoping to keep the cost between $30-45 per kit and will ship 5 kits this year. I know lots of you are excited too- it will feel like Christmas with a surprise coming to your house every 8-10 weeks!

The winner of the fabric and trims is Joan. Please call the shop 757-366-8740 and we will make arrangements to get your goodie package to you. Stay tuned I plan on doing this often!

We are planning on releasing the information about our retreat in October 2013 by January 1st. This will just be the info- not the application. Many of you are calling with questions already- don't worry I am hoping to try and keep to my time frames this year!

We enjoyed our annual Christmas party on Thursday the 3th. The goodies were fabulous and the ornaments were all so adorable. Maggee will be posting pictures of all of them on our website. We even received flowers from a special friend to brighten up the table. Thanks Nan- you are the sweetest!

It seems that Christmas blew past in a matter of seconds. Such a lot of prep and then whew- it was done. A good time was had by all! I think my daughter might have received the most unusual gift- a baby hedgehog. Yes, she really, really, wanted this. Can anyone top this?

Here's hoping that all of you had a very Merry Christmas. The national events of the past week have taught us to cherish every day with family and friends. We love our Dyeing to Stitch family- Merry Christmas..................

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  1. Ann and Pat, Thanks so much for the fabric and trim. It is beautiful! I have several project ideas in mind.